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Welcome to you ! Before any explanation, here is the foreword: This software was made in only a few days by people concerned about maintaining a form of bond and solidarity between human beings. Therefore, do not hesitate to propose improvements by writing to:

Faced with the current pandemic and the thousands of confirmed cases, France and other countries (Italy, Wuhan, Spain) have taken containment measures.


Several scenarios are possible, but it seems essential to be able to maintain a popular communication space during this period when our physical encounters are severely limited.

Why this platform ?

  • To let this confinement period be the occasion for bringing us together, and creating new lets_share with the persons who surrounds us.
  • To prevent the media from having the upper hand on the information and knowledge ; indeed, when confined, our discussions happen with fewer persons, and the major part of the information we receive and share comes from mass media and/or social network.
  • So that we face the crisis together, helping eachother, sharing our fears and anxiousness, and get organised at a local scale.

How does it works ?

This platform allows everyone, for each town or city, to access to a discussion space (like Skype, Discord), dedicated for the town and city in question, where anyone can discuss, oraly, with the other from the same town.

It’s quite simple : you put the name of your city/town, or it’s code postal in the searchbar then you click on listed buttons to open the discussion spaces.


The software is of public utility, and it is not used in any way to collect user data, if you are in doubt, the code is open-source (readable by everyone), everyone can check it here:

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  • If there is no one into the discussion's space of your city/town, don't hesitate to join one in the closest major city
  • On the opposite, if there's too much people, you can write to help and ask for the creation of a new space at

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